2002 – Desreta Jackson fought and won the rights to open the first legalize home-base business braidery in Watts, California and successfully opened its doors to Mahogany Mane serving over 500 clients in its first year using her homemade products and custom formulated shampoos and conditioners on her clients. 

2004 - 2010 Mrs. Jackson decided to give back to her community by developing a program to help rebuild her community and its neighborhoods. She acquired, trained and hired within the community to build a total of 3 houses, 6 duplexes and 1 triplex. Mrs. Jackson also created a program in which she collaborated with homeless shelters such as, Beyond the Shelter and many others to re-educate and place them in the homes in which she built. 

2010 - She closed the doors to Mahogany Mane and became partners with a U.S. manufacturing plant to exclusively test, formulate and manufacturer her own custom hair products to bring to the market. 

2010 – Desreta was contacted by Oprah Winfrey’s producers to be a guest on the last show of "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Where she was reunited with the cast of “The Color Purple” and was able to share her story. 

2010 – She announced on B.E.T she will be launching “The First African American Luxury Hair Care” products called BlackSilk. 

2010 – Her company BlackSilk launched the first 3-step system to press your hair silky straight and back to curly and open a whole new market as we know of it today with hair products “Going Straight to Curly”.
2011 – She received the 2011 Prestige Award for her contributions into African American Film history encyclopedia as an outstanding actress and was also recognized for her outstanding commitment to committee involvement. 

2011 – Desreta Jackson, along with her husband, launched Black Silk Inc. with its first DBA BlackSilk Products. A luxury hair care for African American hair. 

2012 – She was recognized by Innovative Technology & Breakthroughs for her contributions in the hair care industries and her invention of the Silk Hair Growth System, earning her the title of the 21st Century Madam C.J Walker. Not only is this a title she holds dearly, and proud, but she has vowed to launch several other inventions and continue with the brand integrity and quality for as long as she is C.E.O of the company! 

2013 - BlackSilk launched the first 100% all natural Vegetarian Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins. The first of its kind to ever be offered with Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Yeast Free to this day. 

2013 – BlackSilk goes international with sales in Kenya, Egypt, Canada, and UK. 

2014 – Desreta was the first woman to receive a black belt from the I.C.M.A.A and is also, a proud member of the Black Karate Federation. 

2015 – BlackSilk sponsors its first regional Healthy Hair Expo and made history by breaking color, gender and race lines for a hair expo.